asciinema 炫酷地对终端操作进行录屏

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asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way

具体原理简单点说,就是把终端显示和时间戳记录成 json 形式,然后使用 javascript 脚本解析出来。配合官方提供的 CSS 样式,乍看起来以为是视频播放器,然而它却是不折不扣的文本。 相比视频录屏或 GIF 动图的方式,文件体积小的不可思议(比如以下时长2:49的录屏仅为325KB),不需缓冲即可播放,可以更方便的分享给他人或者嵌入到网页中。


  • Simple recording: Record right where you work - in a terminal. To start just run asciinema rec, to finish hit Ctrl-D or type exit.
  • Copy & paste: Any time you see a command you’d like to try in your own terminal just pause the player and copy-paste the content you want. It’s just a text after all!
  • Embedding: Easily embed an asciicast player in your blog post, project documentation page or in your conference talk slides.


  • Install: sudo apt-get install asciinema
  • Start: asciinema [rec]
  • Finish: Ctrl+d or exit


官方嵌入网页说明:Sharing & embedding - asciinema

asciinema --help:

usage: asciinema [-h] [-y] [-c <command>] [-t <title>] [action]

Asciicast recorder+uploader.

 rec              record asciicast (this is the default when no action given)
 auth             authenticate and/or claim recorded asciicasts

Optional arguments:
 -c command       run specified command instead of shell ($SHELL)
 -t title         specify title of recorded asciicast
 -y               don't prompt for confirmation
 -h, --help       show this help message and exit
 -v, --version    show version information


Another improvement to asciinema rec is its ability to save the recording to a local file.

asciinema rec demo.json

This saves the session to demo.json file. Now, you can replay it directly in your terminal:

asciinema play demo.json

Finally, if you’re happy about it and you want to share it on just run:

asciinema upload demo.json

If you don’t need to keep your recording local and just want to record and upload in one step, you can still asciinema rec without a filename.


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